Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Dining Table

Dining table – The dining table could be named as “the social piece of furniture”. It collects not only the family for the day’s meals; it is also the place where we like to choose to spend time with our friends. These are some examples of why the operation should be in mind when selecting dimensions, materials and shapes. Whether you are looking for a small round kitchen table or a large extendable dining table is always a good idea to choose a model of high quality that stands up well into the future.

Although the quality of the dining tables Olsson & Gerthel come from some of the furniture industry’s most prestigious brands. Here we want to help you make the choice that suits your home and your needs. If the length you choose. If you are looking for a rectangular or oval table, is very individual. You must first and foremost take into account your living space and how many chairs to make room. The most common lengths of a dining table are 180, 200 or 250 cm. But can of course be ordered in several dimensions in between depending on how you live. Do you use the popular chairs Ton 14 or 18 by Michael Thonet? That who only has a width of 41 centimeters.

And can easily accommodate four chairs per side in a 200 cm long dining table. The broad Y chair contrast, a width of 55 centimeters and contains not only three pieces per side at a table in the same dimensions. Tip: Measure the width of your existing chairs before you buy a new dining table. You must not be forgotten that the table legs can limit the number of seats will fit. By looking at the pictures on the dining table you quickly get an estimate of the distance. But if you’re looking for an oval or square dining table width should be at least 80 centimeters. This is to be able to set the table with plates. Also with glasses and cutlery on a tablet on both sides of the table. But it collides with the person in front.

Are you planning to place two guests on each short side width should be about 100 centimeters. The height of a good dining table should now be somewhere between 72-75 centimeters. The reason we say today is that people are becoming longer. Just a few decades ago, the standard measure of a dining table only 70 centimeters. Which is not at all relevant today. With this height, the legs move freely, while simply going in and out of the chair without bumping into the table. It also allows the elbows do not receive an unnatural event that otherwise may strain your shoulders and neck. Especially during longer sessions.