Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms Boys

Decorating ideas for bedrooms – There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a boy’s bedroom. You choose a theme for the room makes it easier to choose decorative pieces for the bedroom. Popular themes skateboarding, cars, sports, surfing and rock-n-roll are good themes for use when decorating a boy’s bedroom. Remember to use dark or primary colors. And let your child help in the process. The task can be fun for both of you. Most boy bedroom has a bed, a night stand, a dresser, a tall chest of drawers and a desk. You can also add an entertainment center and bookcase, depending on the size of the bedroom.

To decorating ideas for bedrooms boys arrange furniture can be frustrating for many people. Remember, the bed can be placed next to the window with bedside table close by. This is the most common mechanism for the bed. As there are many pieces of furniture that can be placed in front of a window. The other pieces of furniture should be placed against a wall across the room. Leave plenty of floor space for your child to play. And remember to keep walkways open. Type and color of furniture timber is a personal choice, but dark or medium colored furniture usually work best in the boy’s bedroom. The dark and primary colors used on the wall and bedspread, blend well with darker furniture.

Using bedroom theme in your paint and decor on the wall. Murals are very impressive if you have artistic talent or know someone who does. If your child wants to decorate her room in a car theme. Painting large cars or city scene filled with traffic. Using colors, stay within the color palette you have chosen for the decorating ideas for bedrooms boys. Home improvement stores offer help when it comes to choosing a color palette. Reds, blues, yellows, greens and oranges are big boy colors. Use wall decor throughout the room. Framed pictures of cars, trains or other themed art prints look wonderful hanging on the wall. Putting shelves makes it possible to place even more themed objects on the walls. Small cars, books, picture frames and awards look nice sitting on the shelves.


You can hang everything from wardrobes to skateboards hanging on the walls in the boy’s room. It is very creative and adds a nice 3-D effect. Accessories are where you can really expand your creativity. Using traffic lights and road signs. Or a basketball hoop and lockers to decorate the space will enhance the theme nicely. Using science-based topics. Such as ant farms, chemistry sets and model cars provide hands-on fun that can used as decorating ideas for bedrooms boys. Window treatments should be simple in a boy’s bedroom. Shutters, blinds, shades or even curtain panels look best. Again, be sure to use the color palette to blend them into the rest of the room.

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